Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5

Bill and Steve appeared together during the All Things Digital executive conference (D5).  Walt Mossberg and Karen Swisher led the discussion with questions.

It was amusing to watch Bill and Steve avoid taking shots at each other (for the most part). They discussed each other’s roles in how technology has advanced over the last three decades. They also discussed partnerships, competition, regrets, mobile technologies, visions of the future, several references to “cool things” Apple is working on that Steve couldn’t talk about, and took questions from the audience.

I also found it humorous that Steve dressed in sneakers and jeans, while Bill wore dress pants and a button-down shirt, emulating the company images found in the recent Apple ad campaig: Mac guy and PC guy.

Unfortunately, the videos are split into eight segments. The first, which shows footage of two of them in their earlier years, is not part of the interview. The remaining seven segments are all pieces of the interview. To just get a brief synopsis of the “best moments”, view the highlight reel.

Here is the link:

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