2008 Karate Winter Special Training

Karate Winter Special Training started at 5am on January 2nd, 2008. This marks the 38th year that Japan Karate Association of New Jersey hosted KWST. Kisaka Sensei led the class through some vigorous stretching, kihon, kumite and kata each morning. We had a good mix of dan students and brown belts. Everyone involved demonstrated good spirit and benefited from the experience.

As is the custom, we ran outside barefoot without shirts. The temperature on two of the mornings was perfect for our routine: 18 degrees, but felt like somewhere between four and ten degrees with the wind chill.

Weather for Jan 3, 2008

We had some good participation this year, as almost 100% attended training every morning, on-time. This marks my fifth year with perfect attendance; but I’m sure there are others out there from prior years that achieved better records than that.

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  1. Bill Says:

    Wow! I’m not sure why anyone would actually do that but you never cease to amaze me with your level of commitment to every single thing you decide to do. Way to go Frank and congrats on making it through another milestone!

  2. Dan Says:

    Frank, I ran across your page while conducting a google search for Katsuya Kisaka. I trained religiously at the JKA of NJ back in the early-mid 90’s. Regrettably, I moved from Trenton to California in 96. I left the JKA dojo as a 1 or 2 kyu brown belt. It’s been so long I cant remember exactly. I moved to a city where Shotokan was nowhere to be found, so I never continued my training. I have always missed it and the instructional staff at JKA. When I attended, aside from Kisaka Sensei, I was often insructed by Irwin Nadel (Not 100% on the spelling), Mr. Galdo (I think his first name was Frank, he had 3 sons), and Mary Jarosz. Are they still there? Mr. Nadel used to tell me if I ever quit he would hunt me down 🙂 . I would love to know how everyone is doing down there.

  3. dayen hall Says:

    location of Mr. K,s dojo Im old from 60s-70s Mr. K my favorite Im 54 trying to train again need old school fire Mr.K_(all respect Katsuya Kisaka is the one AKA MR.K

  4. Paul Fort Says:

    Hi Frank —

    I made 12 years perfect attendance, 1987-1998. I was laid low by bronchitis and pneumonia in 1999.

    Great times !!

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