Circuit Training Yesterday

I did a timed training circuit yesterday. It was great — especially with the squat thrusts mixed in! I would like to do this routine more often. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. 1 mile sprint at about 5:20 pace (on the treadmill)
  2. 50 body weight squats
  3. 25 push ups
  4. 50 sit ups
  5. 15 pull ups
  6. 20 squat thrusts
  7. 50 more body weight squats
  8. 25 more push ups
  9. 15 more pull ups
  10. 20 more squat thrusts
  11. 1 mile sprint at 6:00 pace (on the treadmill)

My total time was about 20 minutes and 15 seconds. I have to consider the fact that I ran 16 miles the day prior, which surely affected my performance. After that, I threw around the kettlebells a bit. I did three sets of one-arm kettlebell snatches, and three sets of double-arm dead cleans into push presses. Between sets, I did v-sits and stability ball passes.

Today I ran my obligatory eight miles. My legs were burnt out a bit after yesterday’s sprints, but I pushed through and finished in about 63 minutes. Tomorrow is a rest day (sort of). I have a short warm-up jog, then karate training at 5am, but no serious running scheduled.

Thursday I’ll be in NYC but need to fit in an eight mile run. I think I’ll bring along some workout clothes and run around battery park and along West Side Highway. Should be a nice change of scenery.

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