Training – Sun, Feb 1 – Long Run

I did a 12 mile run today. Unfortunately, it turned out I waited until too late in the day to run.

I started from home and headed toward the D&R Canal Path by way of Lower Ferry Road. Once I turned onto the path, the run turned miserable. The temperature had started dropping so the melted ice and snow had started to refreeze. I only saw one other crazy runner braving the ice. It was pretty treacherous, but I pushed along until I reached a point where I could hop onto Route 29. I continued in the shoulder, which was safer than the path.

Once I hit six miles, I reversed course on Rt 29, but decided to change my planned route. I turned left onto Jacobs Creek Road to avoid the busy highway and the ice on the path, which would be hard to see in the dark. This was better, and would mean climbing my favorite hill on Bear Tavern Road.

After climbing the hills and passing the airport, I turned left onto W. Upper Ferry, which becomes Parkway Ave. By that time, it was so dark I couldn’t see whether I was running on ice, snow or bare pavement. I could feel my core muscles doing lots of work to stabilize me, and didn’t take any falls — though I came close several times. Clearly my pace suffered more in the second six miles from being cautious on the ice.

When I got home, my socks and shoes were soaked from running through ice water puddles. I did extra stretching then had the stitches in my hand removed by my loving wife and RN, Jeannie.

  1. 7:44
  2. 7:32
  3. 8:12
  4. 8:26
  5. 8:03
  6. 8:27
  7. 8:40
  8. 9:17
  9. 9:05
  10. 9:21
  11. 9:46
  12. 10:18

Average pace: 8:44 (no good!)

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