Memorial Day Training

Happy Memorial Day. Thank you to all those who serve and who have served in the U.S. military.

I had to work today, although it is a holiday today at Dow Jones. Fortunately, I didn’t start until noon, which gave me time to get in some training. I swam and ran today at Gold’s. I couldn’t get started early though since Gold’s didn’t open until 7am.

Swim led by instruction (distances in meters):
– Warm-up freestyle for 6 minutes (completed 5 laps)
– 2 x 100 kicks: freestyle with fins and board
– 1 x 100 freestyle, rest 10 seconds
– 1 x 100 freestyle, rest 20 seconds
– 1 x 100 freestyle
– 2 x 100 pulls, freestyle; breathe every 8 strokes, with paddles and buoy
– 200 free – swim down
Focus on keeping body “long”; don’t touch walls (no push-offs) or floor during laps.

After the swim I did a leisurely 3.5 mile run in about 25 minutes.

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