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My buddy Nate posted that he was looking for the lyrics to “The Champion” by Stic.Man. I hadn’t heard the song before, but I looked it up and it sounds like a good song to work out to. I may purchase the whole album. In any case, what follows is my attempt to decipher the lyrics. I believe these are 99% correct, except for a reference where he wants to rise like someone, which sounds like Horace, but I can’t be certain. Enjoy, and if you want to suggest corrections please submit a comment.

Lyrics to: “The Champion” by Stic.Man.

… Now I understand this game.

Who am I? I’m the champion.
I’m the champion. [I’m the champion]

[repeat refrain once]


I stick and move through the madness.
Bob and weave the negative.
Blockin out the haters.
My meditation is medicine.

I beat down barriers.
And stomp out worries.
Gotta keep my guard up,
Cuz that drama comes in flurries.

It’ll throw you off center.
Take your balance off center line.
But I know my enemy,
The biggest battle is within the mind.

Know yourself, build your strength,
Learn from weakness.
Nothing comes free,
Only your sweat earns the secrets

The secret is…
Power exists in all people.
The struggle is a sifu
If you learn to let it teach you.

The key to, the universe
Is right within our reaches.
But we can’t win the game
If we’re standin’ in the bleachers.

[refrain x 4]


The game is mental.
The mind is the head coach.
Strength is to youth,
What wisdom is to old folks.

Like a ball going through the goal post.
See the goal clear in my mind,
Touch it, it’s so close

I aspire for higher
To rise like {Horace?}
Increase my flexibility,
My strength and my endurance.

I see no opponents.
I compete with myself.
Training 101,
Like I’m in a class by myself.

My health is a priority,
Winner mentality,
All I see is success
And build it up gradually.

Step by step,
Like two shoes on a treadmill,
Got to make moves in this life,
Can’t stand still.

[refrain x 4]

[shout 6 times:] Who am I ?!? I’m the champion.

The heart, the will, the drive, the skill,
The sweat, the work, desire to win.

The fate, inside, the focus, the fire,
The goal the struggle, humility, pride.

The heart, your will, the drive, the skill,
The sweat, the work, desire to win.

The fate, inside, the focus, the fire, the fight,
The triumphant rise of the champion.

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  1. Douglas Lazaro Says:


  2. Tannie Says:

    He says he wants to rise like Uhuru, a symbol of independence in various African nations. I strongly suggest purchasing the entire album, as it is the some of the most inspiring words I’ve found – and from one of the greatest hip-hop legends of all time. Check out the RBG fit club!

  3. Tannie Says:

    Sorry! Now that I listen to the song again he’s not referring to the word Uhuru… 🙂 enjoy anways

  4. anon Says:

    Thanks for posting the lyrics…He is referring to “Horus”-the Egyptian god

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