Workout 02/25/2013

I was home all day on domestic duties, so couldn’t make my normal Monday 5am karate class and 7am crossfit class. I took the 5:30pm crossfit class instead.


800 meter run (did a little extra)
10 KB Swings (16kg) – actually ended up doing about 50
10 KB High Pulls each side (16kg) – did about 25 each arm
couch stretch
ankle mobility


7×2 power snatch from the take off position
Started with 95 pounds, but then dropped down to 65 then 75 for the last two sets to work on form.


10 Min EMOM
3 stone to shoulder (115 lb atlas ball)
3 dead-hang pull-ups.

After the 10 minutes expired, I did one extra set.

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