Workout Sat 05/04/2013


Warm up:
Couch Stretch, samson stretch, yoga poses, hip mobility 

800 meter run
50 pullups
100 pushups
150 air squats
800 meter run

Total time: 18:41
I broke this up as follows: 10 rounds of: 5 pullups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats
After the first two rounds of strict dead-hang pull-ups, I had to start use kipping to complete the sets of pull-ups.

Once done with the mini-murph, Alex invited me to join him and several others for another workout:

Every Two Minutes, for 30 minutes (is this an altered “Chelsea”?):

5 squat cleans (115#) – I’m finally learning to get under the bar a bit here, but catching the clean while squatting
10 over-the-box jumps, (but I just did box jumps)
15 double-unders

Sadly, after the 7th or 8th set I slammed my shin into the box again. Took a short break to clean up, massage out the bubble of fluid that collected, and try to get ice on it. Then I returned.

For the remainder of the workout, I substituted the box jumps for 5 additional squat cleans.

I believe I keep hitting my left shin on the box because my left knee is so much tighter than my right knee.

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