Becoming a Better (CrossFit) Athlete

Someone from my crossfit gym posted this link on our facebook page:

There are lots of great suggestions there. However, 50 things is a bit too much to focus on. So, I’ve combed through the list and these are the things I am personally going to focus on at this time. Even this list is still large. And if I could get all this stuff done as often as I would like, there would be no time left for the workout of the day.

  1. Work mobility before/during/after MORE.
  2. Practice handstands everyday/often.
  3. Practice double-unders every day.
  4. Strict pull-ups every day.
  5. Progress to one-arm push-ups every day (I can’t even do a single good one right now).
  6. Practice jumping: over, under, top of, sideways, backwards, long, short, high.
  7. Train planks more – 30 seconds after your arms start to shake. I’ve got 4 mins down. Time to increase that, or scale it up somehow.
  8. Progress on pistols once a week.
  9. Hit all major lifts once per week:
    Squat, dead-lift, press, bench, snatch, clean, jerk.
    I’m really loving the Olympic lifts, and this is surprising because have never been a fan of weightlifting.
  10. Shoulder dislocates with every workout.
  11. Do strict dips and negative holds on the rings regularly.
  12. Wake up to 20 push-ups every day.
  13. Do 30 air squats and 20 push-ups after every meal (from Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Body book).
  14. Practice L-sits often, and frog stands.
  15. Practice heavy farmer carries.

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