Workout 09/09/2013


1 Mile run (this was changed to 800m, but I just did the mile)
squat therapy
couch stretch
samson stretch

Push Jerk
15 minutes to establish 3 rep max.
I worked up to 175# for a 3-rep max. I might have been able to go a bit more (maybe 180) but ran out of time.

400 meter run
5 minutes AMRAP
10 Kb Swings (24kg)
10 Pushups
400 meter run
5 minute AMRAP
10 OH walking lunges, 45#
5 Stone to Shoulder  – I was late picking out my stone, and got stuck with 70# 🙁
400 meter run

My left knee has been exceptionally tight today, after yesterday’s long run.

6 mins of tabata: 20 sec of frog situps, 10 sec of hollow body position

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