2006 Bordentown St. Paddy’s Day Race

I finished 26th place in the 2006 Bordentown St. Paddy’s Day race. This is an annual 5 kilometer run (5K) and I’ve done it twice now. My time was 20:25 which is a pace of 6:34. This is an improvement over my last St. Paddy’s day race — 22:01 — a pace of 7:09. I was hoping for a sub-twenty minute finish time, but a serious cramp slowed me down a bit. I ran my first mile in about six minutes, which may have been about 10 seconds too fast. I ran through the pain from the cramp over the next two miles, trying to ignore it. I like to think it didn’t affect my time, but in reality I believe it did. I also remember my shoe came untied at mile two, but I didn’t stop to tie it because I didn’t want to lose any more time than I already had.

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