2006 E. Murray Todd Half-Marathon

I ran the 29th Annual E. Murray Todd Half-Marathon on March 5, 2006. My finish time was 1:33:16, which is a pace of 7:08. The course is quite hilly and there was a lot of wind that morning. I especially remember the wind during mile 10. I improved over last year’s time by about 12 minutes — I finished in 1:45:33 last year, which is a pace of 8:04. I had done some karate training that morning and during some sparring, I jammed my right foot pretty good on my opponent’s block to my front kick. It’s been a bit funny for almost four weeks since then. I ran the race about an hour after jamming it, but didn’t notice anything during the run. It was after I crossed the finish line and started walking that I noticed a problem with my foot. Maybe I should just run all the time now — no more walking.

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