New York Marathon Next Year

I postponed my entry in the ING NYC Marathon until 2008. I know with certainty that I could have run the course this year and finished it, but I would rather use my lottery entry to do the race under better circumstances next year. This is my first time canceling a race, but it is a wise thing to do in this instance. Injury during the race this year was almost a certainty because I haven’t been able to commit sufficient time to my training. Anyone who has trained for or is considering a marathon knows how important the full 20 weeks of training is, especially the long runs.

To the detriment of my race preparation, I chose to work long, extra hours during the times I had scheduled many of my long runs. I am seriously committed to my physical training, but delivering projects on time at work has a higher priority. In the last few months at work, I’ve sacrificed those precious hours of training time to develop a platform (a web application, services and caching mechanisms) that aggregates content for widgets, and several flavors of the widget itself. The platform uses many technologies, including but not limited to: Hibernate, Oracle, Java, RESTful services, servlets, XSL, XML, XHTML, CSS, JSON, AJAX, Prototype, Http-client.

Sorry — my post about running turned into a post about web technologies 🙂

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