Training – Mon, Jan 19 – Snow Running and Karate

Monday evening I went for a short warm-up run before karate class began. It was snowing and cold, which seemed to keep everyone away except me, so I ran by myself, barefoot in the snow. The trucks were out dropping rock salt. During the last quarter mile of the run, I stepped on a big piece of rock salt, which ended up bruising the bottom of my foot.

Karate training was great — it was just Sensei and me. Spent most of the class working on form: in basics, combinations and kata. When I used to get to train with Sensei one on one, I naively¬†used to expect some “special” secrets to be endowed. True, he shares information, but it’s not some well-kept secret guarded since the dawn of the origins of shotokan. In fact, I find the secrets he shares always have to do with basic principles and good form. I came away from class, once again appreciating the things new students are taught, but with my perspective and experience, understanding them even better. In fact, they are secrets from the origins of shotokan.

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