Wednesday: A New Training Routine

A trainer at the DJ Fitness Center showed me a new training routine (listed below). It was tough, but I plan to repeat it next week. In the morning I did a warm-up run before karate.

– Run 3.1 miles (1 mile barefoot)
– 70 reverse punches each arm
– 70 front kicks each leg
– freestyle basics
– sparring: double jodan attack to jaw
– sparring: 5 attack sparring full length of floor

At lunch, I did a free 30 minute training session with a trainer at Dow Jones’ Fitness Center, Lisa Curtin. It was a tough workout; here’s what the circuit involved:

– 0.5 mi sprint on the treadmill (ran 0.15 at 10mph, 0.15-0.40 at 11mph, last 0.10 at 12mph)
– 10 plyometric pushups on two risers
– 15 star hops (reaching to the ceiling)
– 500 meters on the rower
– 1 length of frog hops (down the long hallway)
– 1 length of walking lunges with two 35lb dumbbells
– 1 mile on the bike (~135 rpm)
– 10 step-ups with each leg on the large metal stand.

Repeat one more time.

I didn’t fit the second circuit into the half-hour of the trainer-led session since I burned a few minutes at the start on a warm-up. I did finish the routine on my own though. It was awesome and challenging. I recommend trying it out.

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