Thursday: Tempo Run and Swimming

Today marks the second day of my scheduled marathon training. Sure, I’ve already run three times this week (four if you count the sprints I did yesterday as part of the circuit), but I don’t count those toward my marathon training. Today calls for 5 miles of running with three of those miles at tempo pace. The pace should be 6:45, which is a bit aggressive right now. I know my tempo pace is slower than that so I’ll be working up to it. I ran from the house to TCNJ and around the campus, then past Parkway Elementary school and back home.

5.17 mi run (3 mi at tempo pace):
Mile 1: 8:36
Mile 2: 6:58
Mile 3: 7:30
Mile 4: 7:28
Mile 5: 8:34
Mile 5.17: 1:33

In the evening, I went to Gold’s to put in another swimming session (still training for the NYC Nautica triathlon). I need to be able to swim by the end of July so I don’t drown in the Hudson river.
– Warm-up freestyle for 6 minutes (completed 5 laps)
– 3 x 100 kicks: freestyle with fins and board
– 1 x 100 freestyle, rest 10 seconds
– 1 x 100 freestyle, rest 20 seconds
– 1 x 100 freestyle, rest 30 seconds
– 1 x 100 freestyle
– 3 x 100 pulls, freestyle; breathe every 8 strokes, with paddles and buoy
– 300 free – swim down

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