Friday: Abs and a Run

I took a 30 minute abs class at DJFC today. My marathon schedule called for a five mile run at 8:07, but since I plan to run a 5k tomorrow, I just did a three mile run after abs.

30 minutes of abs, instructor led:
Plank routine:
– Plank position with feet on disc sliders: 20 sideway slides with each foot
– 30 second plank hold (on hands, not elbows)
– Plank position with feed on disc sliders: 20 forward slides with each foot to opposite arm
– 30 second plank hold
– short stretch and rest
(Repeat plank routine two more times)

Body bar routine:
– Laying on floor, legs straight, 18 lb body bar extended overhead, sit up with bar, holding overhead extending to ceiling (repeat 10 times); on last one lay back one vertebrae at a time.
– Holding legs straight up and body bar straight over chest, crunch up to touch shins with the bar (repeat 10 times)
– Extend legs toward floor with knees straight, curl legs back toward bar and lift hips to have legs touch the bar (repeat 10 times)
– 10 sets of bicycles while holding the bar
(Repeat body bar routine two more times)

Side planks:
– On right arm with left arm staight to ceiling, legs parallel to each other; hold 30 seconds
– Bend top leg so foot rests on lower calve; hold 15 seconds
– Lift top leg and hold straight in the air over the lower leg; hold 15 seconds
– Switch and repeat with the other leg.

Easy 3.1 mile run after abs (~24 mins)

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