Nate’s ATC Week Three

– Warm Up: Jog around field 10 times, increase speed every 2 laps, last 30 seconds at top speed.
Stretch – focus on hamstrings, shoulders and arms.

– Routine 1:
1) Hold squat with arms straight out to side. About 120 seconds.
2) Jump squats, x15
3) Sprint to other side of the field
3) Burpies (squat down, thrust legs behind, retract legs, jump up) x25
4) Sprint to other side of the field
5) Pushups – 2 count, 15x
6) Sprint to other side
7) Double speed jumping jacks, 4 x 20
8) Sprint to other side
9) 2 count push ups x15
10) Sprint to other side
11) Sit-ups x25
12) Sprint to other side and back, two times

– Routine 2: Repeat this routine four times
1) 3 push ups, pause at bottom
2) 3 push ups while bringing knee to chest
3) 3 push ups while bring leg straight out to side
4) 3 inside out holds (opposite arm and leg)
5) Sprint to other side

– Routine 3: Resistance Running; Repeat 4 times each total
Team up with partner and elastic band.
One person leads with band across waist sprinting, digging in.
Knees high across the field, other person holds the runner back so they are fighting resistance.
At other end of field switch roles.

-Cool Down: Jog around field four times, stretch

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