Dec 18 – Abdominal Workout

Routine for “Hard Core Abs” at the DJ Health Club:

1) Ball conversion, aka, Ball pass, legs to arms, with a small lift of the hips at the top, x20
2) Hold ball between straight legs and move side to side,touching the floor with feet, 10 each side
3) Lay on back, right leg bent, left leg up straight, crawl up the leg, hand over hand, x 20
4) Repeat #3 with right leg, x20
5) 20 normal crunches
6) Repeat 1-5

7) Roll outs on the ball
8) Side bends on the ball, bend the left leg, leaning left side on the ball x20
9) Switch to laying on ball, full situps on the ball, x20
10) Repeat #7, on opposite side
11) Repeat #8
12) Anotheer set of legs climbs on left leg
13) Leg climbs on right leg

14) Leg Scissors
15) Repeat 7 – 13

16) Supermans on ball
17) Reach backs on ball to touch back of the knee
18) Toe touches , left leg to right arm, overhead.

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