#6 Powerfood: Eggs

The protein and vitamins A and B12 in Eggs are great for building muscle and burning fat. They also help fight against obesity.  Vitamin B12 is necessary for the breakdown of fat.

Sidekicks of eggs are just the egg whites, commonly known as “Egg Beaters”. They have fewer calories, no fat, but just as much of the nutrients present in the whole egg.

Doctors long avoided recommending eggs as part of a diet because two eggs contain more than your recommended daily value of cholesterol. Eating egg whites reduces the amount of cholesterol, but it turns out that more and more research shows that eating an egg or two a day will not raise cholesterol levels.

Most blood cholesterol is made by the body from dietary fat, not dietary cholesterol. That’s why eating them daily is no longer considered a danger – take advantage of the protein available in them. They have the highest biological value of protein of any food. This value is a measure of how well your body’s protein needs are satisfied by the eggs, and it’s high! That means they are more effective at muscle building than other sources of protein, such as beef and milk.

I have two to three egg whites daily, sometimes with an extra protein source like turkey bacon. I must get back into the habit of having McCann’s Oatmeal with my daily dose of eggs.

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