Workout 02/22/2013

4 mile run from home to CrossFit (4:30)

Crossfit – 5am
7x Junk Yard Dog (partner routine: one site on the floor, legs straight in front and arms out to each side, other person jumps over the first arm, then the legs, then the other arm)
Squat Therapy 3 minutes
Couch Stretch 2x

Low Bar Back Squat (shared rack and bar with Bill)
In this exercise, you can actually not grip the bar; just let it lean against your wrists and shoulder blades. Look down at the floor as you bend over, per Eva T‘s recommendation from her talk on Saturday at CFM.
125 (3x)
125 (3x)

5 min amrap – completed 8
5 ring dips, scale with box
5 push press, medium weight (95lb)
2 min rest
5 min amrap – completed 8+
5 box jumps (24″)
5 ring pushups
2 min rest
5 min amrap – completed 9+
5 jumping air squats
5 handstands, kick up, stick it and then come down

4 mile run home from CrossFit Gym: 6:15 – 6:50; (legs felt pretty heavy during the run, likely from the box jumps and jumping air squats, but I pushed through without stopping except once to look at the sunrise from the Olden Ave bridge)

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