Paleo and Primal Diet Info

There seems to be no end to the Paleo resources on the web. Here are a few recommended to me by friends, and some info I swiped from our crossfit fb page.

Suggestions for “snacking” from folks at CFM:

1) Don’t snack. Have larger meals.
2) But if you must snack: Almonds, shelled hemp seeds, Coconut flakes, hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken, beef jerky (make sure it’s not full of sugars), broccoli, carrots, any other veggie to eat raw.  (credit: Bryce L)
3) don’t shy away from the natural oils (butter,olive,coconut, etc.) and have at least a fist sized portion of protein. Gum is great if it’s an oral fixation thing, go for one that’s rich in xylitol like Icebreakers Ice cubes which is also affordable. (credit: Bryce L)
4) apple chips, cinnamon flavored found at whole foods (credit: Jennifer S)
5) Kale chips (, some Lara bars are paleo friendly (credit: Jennifer C, Amy V)
6) as a snack. You can get them at Whole Foods, but they are not cheap. (credit: Jeff L)



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