Workout 03/15/2013

4 mile run home to crossfit.



couch-stretch, hamstring stretch. I was already warmed up from my run.

WOD: 3x thru

10 Stations, 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest
(move to next station during rest period)

1. tire flips (worked with a partner at each station, so here we flipped the tire back and forth)
2. battling ropes (thread heavy rope around pole and pretend you’re driving horses)
3. handstand holds (I was able to hold these for 45 seconds)
4. sledge strikes
5. slosh pipe static holds
6. wall sits (alternate between holding a plate with straight arms for 5 seconds, then holding a plate against chest for 5 seconds; round 1: 45 LB plate, rounds 2&3: 25 LB plate)
7. hollow holds (apparently I’ve been doing these wrong. Legs should be a few inches above the floor, back and abs contracted, but shoulders NOT off the floor. Head should be neutral, looking at the ceiling, NOT straight ahead. Then if someone comes by and steps on your feet, your upper body should “spring” up because your core is engaged tightly)
8. plank (no problem here, since I can do 3+ minute planks; so, we did opposite shoulder touches to add difficulty)
9. L sits on “paralettes” (this was the most difficult. During the 1st round, I held my legs out for about 30 seconds, then they hit the ground. In rounds 2&3, I couldn’t keep my legs above the ground for more than 5 to 10 seconds at a time. I need work here)
10. slam ball (remember to squat down as the ball comes down, then catch the ball on the bounce)

3 mile run home, with 1 mile walk.
PVC roller on calves, hamstrings, and quads once I got home. Pretty sore today. Not good considering I have a race tomorrow. Also, my shin splints (which I’ve been trying to ignore for a couple weeks now) are not improving. It’s taking about 1 to 2 miles of “warming up” before the shin split pain goes away during my runs now.

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