Workout 03/20/2013

Karate: After each basic, we did a heian kata three or four times. Free sparring, but one opponent could only use their hands, and the other could only use their feet.
1) Tim (hands), me (feet)
2) me (hands), Ron (feet)
3)  Tim (feet), Ron (hands), me (kata)
4) Tim (feet), me (hands)

Crossfit: (only three of us at the 7am class)

800 meter run
20 Each: Frog Situps, Walking Lunges into Samson stretch, PVC Push Press
(I did extra sit-ups, 77 total)

Push Jerk
7×2: 45, 75, 95, 115, 135, 155, 165 (failed attempt), 155

4 Rounds:
400 meter run
3 Rope Climbs
7 OHS, 95/65
9 T2B

I had to scale the rope climbs and do ring-rows instead. My arms were completely spent from earlier in the week, and from the push jerks. I did three rope climbs total, out of 12: 2 the first round, and 1 the last round. For each rope climb I didn’t complete, I did four ring-rows.

I also scaled the OHS weight to 85. In retrospect I think I could have done 95. No issues with the 400m run or with the toes to bar. Finished in 19+ mins. I wasted a lot of time trying to get up the rope in the first round, and in the last round. I need to work on rope-climbing technique.


77 push-ups
Extra stretching, couch stretch, straddle.


Cardio kickboxing
Two 77 second side planks.

OLY Lifting Class:
Worked on Hang Cleans:
75×3, 95×3, 115×3, 135×3, 145×1  (145 is a PR for me; actually 115, 135 and 145 were all PRs for me). However, my form still needs work. I should be lifting much more weight. I learned that my hips are not driving enough before I pull with my shoulders and arms. Training, training, training.

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