Workout 03/21/2013


Theme: the world is slanted, but not in your minds eye. Sign-in on crooked clipboard, or straight clipboard.
Kanku-Dai, Heian Godan, Tekki Shodan, 1-step sparring



Couch Stretch


XFit open workout was posted, but Alex suggested instead of doing 150 wall balls, we do 150 ball slams instead. I used the 30# ball, and broke the 150 into sets of 25 with 3-second rests inbetween.

2 pullups, 2 deep ring row presses  x  4 sets

We went a bit longer than 12 mins, in order to get a couple extra practice sets in on pull-ups, since neither Vito nor I can do muscle ups, or chest pull-ups.


Worked on pull-up technique. Practice hollow-holds with arms at your sides, not overhead… at least not until you can hold a hollow-hold for 3 minutes. Hollow hold: small of back should be on the floor, abs engaged, feet up off the floor, head should be neutral. Next, practice superman holds.

On the bar, practice transitioning from a dead hang to active shoulders. When in active shoulders, have a partner pull your legs down.

Now, repeat the hollow hold and superman transitions while on the bar. Your shoulders should be moving forward and backward, NOT your hips. And you should manage enough control that if you stop in one of those positions, you should not be swinging. I need to work on this, will do so for the next week and see if I have made improvements.


78 push-ups, 78 sit-ups, 78 second side-plank on each side. Hamstring and calve stretching, couch stretch.

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