Workout 03/23/2013


1 hour of sparring training with Tim.
Followed up with Heian Godan, Heian SanDan, Jion, and Enpi kata.


400m row
3 rounds of 15 of each: push-ups, sit-ups, ring-rows
Calve smash on barbell
Couch stretch, walking lunges into samson stretch


5 rounds for time:

15 box jumps
15 renegades with 25# DB (plank position with legs spread, pull DBs to breastbone, alternate arms 30 times total)
15 Russian kettlebell  swings 24kg (all hips, no arm pull)
15 DB overhead press with 25# DB (lock out arms overhead, elbow creases to ears)


Atlas Stone to shoulder: 95# x 15, 115# x 15

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