Workout 03/29/2013



Rolling, couch stretch

WOD (prescribed was partner WOD but we had only 3 people)

8 Min AMRAP:
5 Ring Dips (the first few rounds, I did the ring dips, then used the box with stright legs)
5 KB Swings (24kg)
5 Push ups (these burned after a few rounds, since the dips burnt out my triceps)


1600 meter Med ball Run (I ran with the 30# ball the whole way)


5 RFT – Walking Lunges and Burpees
Walk out 10 steps with the 25# plate
5 burpees
Walk 10 more steps with the 25# plate
5 more burpees

So, 100 walking lunges and 50 burpees in total.

Awesome workout – must do this one again sometime.


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