Workout 04/03/2013


Squat therapy 3 minutes
Couch Stretch
Ankle Mobility
20 air squats
20 walking lunges (hold the lunge for 5 seconds at the bottom and create torque by pushing the knee to the outside)


Low Bar Back Squat
7×2 (45, 45, 45, 65, 65, 85, 95, 115)


400 Meter run
9 Power Cleans  135/95 (I did 135, which was a challenge for me but I got through it. 2 failures, so I had to repeat twice)
12 Box Jumps

 Took me just over 14 minutes to finish.
6 mile run with Dimitri, approx 8:10 pace.
Dinner: Olympic Lifting Class.
Bergener Warmup.
Reviewed 3 positions for the snatch. In position 3, I need to push my knees laterally, even more, and push my hips back more to make my shins more perpendicular to the floor. Then as I lift the bar, focus on bringing the hips forward and then landing in a 1/4 or full squat.
Learned the halting deadlift: with heavy weight, pull to just below the knees and pause, then just above the knees and pause again, then to the top position of the deadlift, then position 1 (drop the knees just a bit) then position 2 (just above the knees) and back to the top of the deadlift, then back to the floor. If you do this with enough weight, Russell Chell said two of these will crush you 🙂 I need to try this on Saturday.

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