Workout 04/05/2013

I didn’t run to crossfit today, because I needed to get to work earlier than usual.


10x thru Down Dog to Cobra
Foam (PVC) Roll
Ankle Mobility
10 each 3x thru  ring rows, box jumps, push ups, sit ups, couch stretch, samson stretch

7×3  Alternate between the two movments
Deck Press and Bent over Row

Deck Press: 95#, 95#, 115#, 115#, 125#, 135#, 145#

Three 4 min AMRAP Couplets, one minute rest between

4 Ring Dips and 8 KB Swings (24kg)
4 Ring Push Ups and 8 Hollow Rocks (make sure to hyper extend elbows in with a twist at the top of each ring push up)
4 HSPU and 8 Air Squats (HSPU=hand stand push up)


1 mile run, more PVC rolling, stretching, couch stretch again (left knee is still very tight after running)

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