Workout 04/06/2013


Met Tim 1/2 hour before class to get in some extra sparring.
Worked on two-on-one attacks, semi free, and niju-shiho with some bunkai.


Warmup: couch stretch, samson stretch, hip opener.

WOD: Will You Still Love Me When I’m 64?
4 Rounds for Time:

1 Mile Run
16 pull-ups
16 push-ups
16 sit-ups
16 air squats

Completed this in 38 mins, 52 secs. Looked like one of the fastest time of the day. Grueling workout, and the pull-ups were my achilles heel. After the first two rounds, I could no longer do dead hang pull ups. I resorted to… hate to say it… jumping pull ups. Alex caught me doing this and told me I’m getting no benefit from doing them. So, after the workout, in my depleted state, I started working on kipping pullups. It requires a certain amount of finesse. I’m still not sure they are better than dead hang pull ups. Sure, they’ll get your workout done faster, but I need to figure out why they are better than jumping pull-ups. Perhaps it’s more about training the timing of your hips, shoulders, arms and legs for the kip than improving strength for the pull-up? I’ll be sure to ask for Alex’s assistance next week as I work more on this. It will be a focus point for me.

Ultimately, aside from the pull-ups, this workout was made for me. Thanks to Donna who came up with the original idea of 1 mile run, 64 pullups, 1 mile run, 64 pushups, 1 mile run, 64 situps, 1 mile run, 64 air squats. I suggested the modification to break each round of 64 reps into sets of 16. And Happy 64th birthday to her!


32 burpees, 32 mountain climbers, 32 jumping jacks.

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