Workout 04/08/2013


Squat therapy 3 minutes
10 each 2x
broad jumps
vertical jumps
alligator crawls, length of box

Box Squats
7×3: 45#, 65#, 75#, 95#, 115#, 125#, 145#
Note: I started with the short box in its shortest orientation, but added a plate at Larry’s recommendation to being the height up about 1.5 inches.

12 minute emom
5 Push Jerk (1st 7 sets: 115#, last 5 sets, 95#)
5 Stone deads (115# atlas stone)

On the push jerks, I wasn’t getting under the bar enough, and my knees were bending forward instead of creating more torque by pushing them outward.

I managed acceptably with the 115# atlas stone; in the last two sets the stone was slipping from my hands as I brought it up, but I completed the sets of 5 each time. But on two of my sets, my time exceeded the minute and I creeped into the next minute, which meant no rest and I had less than 60 seconds in the next round.

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