Workout 09/18/2013


Double Under Practice
Accumulate as many DBs in 5 minutes

Tricep smash
Improve front rack position
Hip and Ankle Mobility

Front Squat
10×2, 90% 1 Rep max.
I actually started my sets with my 1RepMax: 185#.
For the last set, I jumped to 2 x 200# (PR!) and still felt strong, so jumped to 1 x 215#.

2 sets of 2 x 135# (warm-up)
9 sets of 2 x 185#
1 set of 2 x 200#
1 set of 1 x 215#

1 mile run
5 minute Max effort KB Snatches, switch hands as needed (116 reps at 24kg)
800 meter run
3 min Max effort Burpees (33 burpees)
400 meter
1 minute Max effort Pushups (30 push-ups)

BodyFit Class
Random combinations of the following exercises, selected by playing card, in sets of 60 seconds each:
Ace: Bar Jumping jacks (essentially a push jerk with 40 pound barbell)
King: Boxing punches with dumbbells
Queen: Band Rounds (step on the band, and rotate arms in circles holding just below the handles)
Jack: Hulk Squats (holding two dumbbells, squat and touch the floor, then raise DBs overhead and jump into the air)
10: Lunge Jumps
9: 1-legged burpees
Joker: run up and down 4 flights of stairs.
Core: Duck-duck-goose style core
– situps until each person in the circle jumps up and runs around the circle
– hold plank
– disc-ins/outs with a 30 second lead-in before the first person stands to run around the circle.
Olympic Lifting Class
– Worked on burgener warmup, and clean progression.
At the end of class, I was able to do my max clean with great form, and felt good. I added 20 more pounds and did it three times total.
So, new PR for Clean: 165#.
And new PR for Front Squat: 215#

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