Workout Tuesday July 10, 7am

4 rounds of each, 10 reps each except fourth round which is a speed round
  1. DB hack squat (60#)
  2. Back Lunge with 16# medball shoulder press (focus on keeping back straight, almost leaning back)
  3. Decline pushups (wide in set 1, diamond in set 2, alternating in set 3, and set 4)
  4. 20# bodybar overhead squat; max reps in 20 seconds
  5. Plank with 45# DB alternating row
  6. 12# Medball around the world (reach down to left, pivoting right foot and bending right knee to touch ball to floor, then lift ball up and overhead, and down to the right side to reverse the motion – that’s 1 rep)
  7. Treadmill sprint (60 seconds) round 1=10mph, round 2=10.5mph, round 3=11mph, round 4=11.5mph

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