Workout Thursday July 12, 6am

4 rounds of each, 10 reps each except fourth round which is a speed round: 5 reps each
  1. 45# Alternating dumbbell chest press on stability ball (keep dumbbells in upper position at ‘rest’, shoulders on ball and keep hips held high)
  2. 25# DB alternating bicep curl to shoulder press with rotation
  3. 30” (level 5) decline pull up (inverted row) on Smith machine (don’t use hip thrust to compensate for lack of strength)
  4. Decline bench – crunch/situps with 16# med ball toss
  5. TRX – start by leaning back holding TRX handles with locked elbows in front – Lateral lunge then at center raise arms into a “Y-fly” (arms straight overhead /slightly out to side) to work upper back
  6. 20# DB chest fly on stability ball
  7. Side plank rotation (reach under body then up towards ceiling); 10 reps each side
  8. 60 seconds rower sprint, reach 300 meters

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