Workout Thursday July 26, 2018 7am

4 rounds of 10 reps
  1. 10 single legged box jumps (onto step with two risers, 10ea left then 10ea right)
  2. 10 decline push-ups (set 1: normal width, set 2: wide width, set 3: diamond push ups, set 4: normal width)
  3. Alternating reverse lunges with overhead 16# med ball press
  4. TRX decline rows (be sure not to use hips to assist back)
  5. Single arm 45# DB clean from the floor (10 each side, not alternating)
  6. Alternating side 12# med ball slams, twisting to one side and bending back leg so knee points toward other foot
  7. Hamstring curl on stability ball  (slow and steady)
  8. 60 seconds ERG rowing. Reached 300 meters each time.

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