Workout Tuesday July 24, 2018 7am

4 rounds of 10 reps, last round speed round (half count of reps)
  1. Single arm row on upper cable machine setting 10, while stepping back into reverse lunge with the leg on the same side as the arm (10 each side)
  2. TRX push ups
  3. Squat into a Single arm overhead press with lower cable – machine setting 7
  4. Single leg hinging deadlift (kicking leg behind and up) with 25# kb then step into a forward lunge
  5. Inchworm push-ups (set #1 normal width, set #2 wide width, set #3 diamond, set #4 alternate wide to diamond)
  6. Split lunges (back leg up on a bench) with 17.5# DBs into bicep curl
  7. Jack knife (abs) – bring arms to meet feet while in a V-up position.
  8. Sprint on treadmill for 60 sec (set 1: 10.5mph, set 2: 11mph, set 3: 11.5mph, set 4: 12mph)

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