Workout 09/29/2013 plus Spartan Race

Karate – bassai dai bunkai; semi-free sparring; 2 on 1 attack drills

Squat therapy

5 Rounds for time:
400 m run
30 sit-ups
20 push-ups
10 box jumps
5 pull-ups

Citizen Bank Park Spartan Race
Finish time: 53:29 with the team from Crossfit
– Dave Szgeda
– Matt Fleming
– Joe (Dave’s friend)
– me

This was approximately 3 miles in and around the stadium, including:
ascents and descents on the ramps over and under bungee cords
30 slam balls
over/under/through obstacles
monkey bars (varying heights)
500m row in under 2 mins
6 foot Berlin wall
ascents and descents on the bleacher stairs
banded bunny hops
atlas stone raises to top of platform with rope
heavy rope jump rope
sandbag carries up and down bleachers
farmer carries with 5gal water jugs up and down bleachers
javelin throw (need to work on this)
rope climb
atlas stone carries with burpees
7 and 8 foot berlin walls
successive 5 foot berlin walls
box jumps
lateral wall climb
cargo net traverse
gladiator zone

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