Workout 10/02/2013


10 3/4 pace 40 yard sprints, warm up slow
10 all out 40 yard sprints
Squat therapy

Front Squat + Jerk
80/3+1  3  (95#, 115#)
Split Jerks
5×3 (95#)

12 Minute EMOM, one minute of work followed by one minute of rest
Complete 7 Burpees to start the minute
Stone Dead Lift the balance of the minute
I used the 145# stone for my deadlifts. Bad choice – Halfway through my back was angered, probably from PR-ing back squats on Monday.

BodyFit Class 1:15-2:00
60 seconds of each exercise, five or six times through (as time permitted)
Exercises included:
– Cleans with 110#
– Wide mountain climbers (foot to hand)
– L-sit holds
– Clapping pushups
– Snatch, 60#
– Russian kicks from reverse plank position
– Banded sit-ups
– Skiing motion with weighted bars

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