7 Minute Abs Workout

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with no more than a 5 second transition in between.

Exercise 1: Right Half Planks (30 secs)
Exercise 2: V Ups (30 secs)
Exercise 3: Left Half Planks (30 secs)
Exercise 4: Slow In & Outs (30 secs)
Exercise 5: Right Half Planks (30 secs)
Exercise 6: Right Reverse Hip Dips (30 secs)
Exercise 7: Left Half Planks (30 secs)
Exercise 8: Left Reverse Hip Dips (30 secs)
Exercise 9: Right Half Planks (30 secs)
Exercise 10: Static V Pulses (30 secs)
Exercise 11: Left Half Planks (30 secs)
Exercise 12: Normal Crunches (30 secs)
Exercise 13: Right Half Planks (30 secs)
Exercise 14: Stretch Push Ups (30 secs)

Descriptions of Each Exercise:

Half Planks:
You will notice that every other exercise is the half plank. Its a phenomenal ab exercise the strengthens the entire midsection including your obliques. To get into the proper position start off in the normalplank but then lift one arm off of the ground. You will be balancing on one arm. IMPORTANT: Try to keep your hips parallel with the ground. Your body will want to rotate upward but in order to keep the exercise challenging keep it down.

V Ups:
This is a classic ab exercise made popular by Jack Lalanne. Here’s a video that will show you the proper form. V Up Video

Slow In & Outs:
Start off by sitting on the ground. Slowly bring your legs out while simultaneously leaning backward and bringing your arms out. Once you have reached as far as you can without tumbling over, bring your body to starting position keeping your legs off of the ground.

Reverse Hip Dips:
Here’s an exercise that I made up. It’s called Reverse Hip Dips. In order to get in position, start off in the normal push up posture. Lift one hand off of the ground (right hand for example) and put it under the left arm pit. Slowly lower your right hip toward the ground by twisting left and sinking your hip down. Do so until your right hip touches the ground. The more you arc upward while your hip is down the harder it will be. Come back to starting position and repeat on the other side.

Static V Pulses:
Here’s a great ab exercise that will add variety to your workout routine. To see a full video and description, click here.

Normal Crunches:
Most everyone knows the normal crunch so I should have to explain it here. HOWEVER many people do it wrong so I will give a few pointers. Tip 1: Don’t crank on your neck. You should use your hands for support only. If you are getting tired and find that you are pulling your head upward on the movement, adjust your hands so they are crossed over your chest. Tip 2: While you are doing the movement CURL your abs upward and don’t come down all the way until your shoulders touch the ground. This relieves the pressure and is NOT what you want. The movement is small. To see a video of the proper technique for crunches, click here.

Stretch Push Ups:
I included this exercise last because it targets the whole body but also focuses on the abdominals really well. To learn how to do a Stretch Push Up, click here.

How Often Should I Do The Workout?

If you are just starting out, many of the exercises will be very challenging. It’s ok to do just 5-10 secs of each exercise if you are a beginner. This will start to develop strength in your midsection and prepare you for longer workouts. I recommend that you do this workout 3X per week.

If you have been active for longer and can do at least 100 sit ups in a row, try to get through the whole workout without stopping. You will want to do the workout twice through and 3X per week.

If you already have abs of steel and want a unique workout that is challenging here’s what I recommend. Increase the time that you do each exercise but stick with the 5 second rest. Try for 45sec to 1 minute of each exercise. This will increase the total workout time to about 14-15 minutes but you’ll certainly be blasted. You can do the workout 3-4X per week.

Source: http://ashotofadrenaline.net/the-7-minute-ab-workout-from-hell-using-ab-exercises-you-have-never-seen-before/

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