Workout Monday July 16, 12:30pm

4 rounds of each, 10 reps all rounds (no speed round this time)
  1. Single arm 45# DB snatch
  2. Cable row 180# in squatting (“chair/seated”) position
  3. 20# DB lateral raise into forward straight arm hold, to front drop
  4. Rope overhead tricep extension (105#)
  5. Plank + DB pull through 20# (start in a plank position with a 20# DB on the floor outside the left arm, reach underneath the body with the right arm, and drag the dumbbell across to the right, then repeat with other arm for 1 rep)
  6. Stability ball hamstring curl (slow and controlled – not for speed)
  7. Stability ball knee drives (in a plank position with hands on the stability ball, keep the core tight and drive the knee up toward the elbow or chest)
  8. Treadmill sprint (60 seconds) round 1=10mph, round 2=10.5mph, round 3=11mph, round 4=11.5mph

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