Workout Thursday July 19, 2018 7am

4 rounds of 10 reps each (mostly repeats of exercises I’ve done in the last several weeks; no muscle confusion just two days before the triathlons):
  1. 65# DB hack squats aka suitcase squats (stay off toes and keep weight centered or back) power through the heels not the toes
  2. 20# single dumbbell (holding it with both hands) alternating reverse lunge with curl into overhead press
  3. 45# DB plank with alternating row (10 each side)
  4. Burpee pull-up
  5. 16kg KB weighted back extension (power up, slow descent)
  6. Alternating side 20# med ball slams, twisting to one side and bending back leg so knee points toward other foot
  7. 55# DB pull over on bench (tricep overhead ext) extending legs out at the same time
  8. 60 seconds max effort on rower (305 meter average)

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