Jan 15 Training – Brick

Jeannie and I went to Gold’s for the noon spin class on Friday. I tried to find a bike that was ready to accept my cycling shoes, but unfortunately I couldn’t. There must be a way to easily detach the foot strap component from the peddles on those spin bikes, but with no light and little time I couldn’t figure it out. Spin was good though, even in my running shoes — I liked the music mix. Class was one hour.

We did some brief calistenics: push-ups, abs, and core work on the stability ball.

Then I told Jeannie I would meet her at home and handed her the car key. I wasn’t sure how far it was, or which way I would run. It was fun just to start running and plot a course once I began. I took Grover’s Mill to Town Court, and followed it to Lawrence Station Road. Then I took Baker’s Basin Road before hopping onto the D&R Canal Path. I took the path as far south as it goes from Baker’s Basin, which ends at Mulberry Street in Trenton (just about 6.1 miles from Gold’s Gym). Then I headed to Olden Ave via New York Ave, and off to Ewing Township.

The distance when I reached my house was 8.75 miles, so I lapped the block one time to add another quarter mile. I felt great after the run, but my middle toenails still get bruised on longer runs.

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  1. Yasi Says:

    I have the SAME problem with my cycling shoes and those bikes! Before the new year there were always at least 3 bikes in there that didn’t have the foot strap, but I think they went through all the bikes and ‘fixed’ them, ‘cleaned’ them, and put all the straps back on. I tried asking an instructor how to take them off but she wouldn’t tell me. I’m going to ask another one soon because I’m sick of using my sneakers. Once I know I’ll pass along the info!

  2. admin Says:

    Hey Yasi – I just upgraded wordpress on my blog and finally configured Akismet to filter out thousands of spam comments. Once that was done, a few blog comments shined through and I noticed yours sitting there (sorry I’m just finding it now).
    I figured out how to remove those spin bike pedals at Gold’s. It just requires sitting in the saddle with your feet strapped into the pedals, then twisting the pedals off the cranks. If I don’t see you, good luck at the NJ State Triathlon! And congrats on getting into the NYC marathon this year.

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