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Hamilton Hangover Five Mile Run

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

[correction- please see my new post]

I’ve done the five mile New Year’s run in Hamilton Veteran’s park for several years. The course follows paved trails for much of the distance. However, shortly after mile one the course turns left onto grass and eventually onto a dirt path, riddled with tree roots and sprinkled with mud puddles after it has rained. At least have of the runs I’ve done on New Year’s have been in the rain or just after a good rain. This always makes the second mile more exciting.

The course traverses three of the four entrances to the park: the start is near Kuser road adjacent to the tennis courts; mile two passes the West entrance adjacent the lake and hospital; mile three takes runners across the North entrance near the Veterans Memorial Plaza and gardens.

Each December I look for a map of the course online, but never seem to find one. So last January, I tucked away one of the paper maps that are distributed prior to the race. My intention was to put it on a website. I came across my paper copy a couple days ago which sparked a memory of my plan. So, I’ve scanned and uploaded the course map. If you’re looking for it, you will find it here. The map is the one provided by the organizers of the race each year.

Hamilton Veterans Park 5 Mile Couse Map Dated 3/24/1986.

See all you runners January 1st at noon.

Text of Oracle Trigger

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

It seems I’ve come to rely on Quest Toad. Now that I’ve returned to working with Oracle on a regular basis, I have to remind myself how to do things from SQLPLUS when I don’t have TOAD available.

Today I needed to examine the text of a trigger, but I couldn’t remember the view to obtain it from. Here’s the code to spool it to a text file:

-- eliminate row count message
set feedback off
-- eliminate headings from showing
set heading off
-- suppress output
set termout off
-- don't show sql in result set
set echo off
-- keep text body from wrapping
set linesize 1000
-- eliminate trailing blanks
set trimspool on
spool /tmp/trigger.sql
select 'CREATE OR REPLACE ' from dual;
select text from user_source
where name = 'TRIGGERNAME';
select '/' from DUAL;
spool off
set feedback on
set heading on
set termout on
set linesize 100
set echo on