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Workout Tue 04/30/2013

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013


Semi-free sparring, Bassai Dai, Jion



3 rounds:
10 Step-ups
10 hollow rocks
10 bridges
10 pass thrus


Strict Press  5×3, complete one round of dead hangs after every 3 reps.
Max effort Dead Hang Pullup

75# x 4
6 pull ups
105# x 3
6 pull ups
115# x 3
6 pull ups
125# x 3
5 pull ups
125# x 3
6 pull ups


4X through:

Complete 3 rounds of
3 Power Cleans, 115#
5 Box Jumps, 24″
Then run 400 meters

Repeated the crossfit workout: warm-up, strength, and met-con.
I did more weight with the power cleans (135#) and finished 20 seconds faster than in the morning.

Workout Mon 04/29/2013

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013


4 Rounds of Cindy,
5 Pull ups,
10 Push ups,
15 air squats
Couch Stretch

Zercher Squats
5×5: 45, 65, 85, 115, 135, 155

13 Min EMOM
3 Stone Deadlifts – 145#
5 Burpees

Workout 04/26/2013

Friday, April 26th, 2013



  • Stretching, PVC rolling, couch stretch, samson stretch
  • 3 x sled push, from yellow line to boxes and back, taking turns with partner


  • 3 x sled push (90 lbs) to boxes, 5 box jumps , sled push back to yellow line, take turns with partner
  • 3 x sled pull (90 lbs) to boxes, 5 box vaults, sled pull back to yellow line, take turns with partner
  • fireman carry partner to boxes, partner does 5 box jumps, carry partner back and switch
  • suicide runs: backwards to cones, forwards back to yellow line
  • suicide runs, but running sideways in a low squat, 1 time each side
  • sprint from yellow line to boxes and back, spin 360 degrees at each of 3 cones in each direction
  • sprint relay race (we split into two teams for this, about 7 people each)

Epilogue: Core work, then more stretching

  • transitions from hollow hold to v-sit, every 3 reps hold arms straight up while holding a v-hold.
  • hollow rocks
  • plank drills: alternate from high position (arms straight, push-up position), to low position (on elbows), to side plank, then from high position hold each arm out in front, and from low position hold each arm out in front for a few seconds.

– partner medicine ball throws (one person throws ball from standing position):

  • 5 x catch the ball in a v-sit  and throw it back
  • 5 x catch the ball in a v-sit and twist laterally, touching ball to floor and throw it back, each side
  • 5 x catch the ball overhead and reach back to touch floor behind your head, throw it back.
  • partner medicine ball passes (both in v-sit, throwing the ball back and forth)
  • sit facing each other – 20 x catch the ball in a v-sit and reach back to touch floor behind your head, throw it back
  •  sit side to side facing opposite directions, but so you can see each others faces – 10 x catch the ball in a v-sit as it is thrown to you sideways, touch the floor to your side and throw it back.
  • repeat side throws on other side


55 burpees
55 mountain climbers
55 jumping jacks
– will also do some pull ups and dips, not sure yet how many.


If I get out of work early enough, I’ll hit karate class for some final sparring prep for tomorrow’s tournament.

Workout Thu 04/25/2013

Thursday, April 25th, 2013


30 air squats, squat therapy, pass-thrus

Snatch Balance
5 x 45#, 5 x 75#, 5 x 95#, 5 x 115#, 3 x 135#

12 minute EMOM:
4 Thrusters, (RX was 135/95, I did 115#)
5 KB Swings (32kg KB)
Immediately after the last minute of the EMOM, 400 meter sprint

Workout Wed 04/24/2013

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Tim and I worked on several kata for the tournament, then did some sparring drills (reaction time)

Jump Rope for 3 minutes
Pass Throughs

Push Jerks from behind the neck
7×3  (45#, 65#, 85#, 95#, 115#, 125#, didn’t have time for 7th set w/3 of us working in)

Three 4 minute couplets
5 box jumps (24″) and 5 frog sit ups
one minute rest
5 jumping air squats and 5 hollow rocks
one minute rest
5 kneeling to standing and plank overs, use 12 inch box

* I hit my right shin on the box jump again. It bruised but didn’t cut the skin.
* On the plank overs, I did push-ups on each pass-over.
53 burpees
53 mountain climbers
53 jumping jacks
3 sets of 6 commando-pull-ups
3 sets of 8 tricep dips
3 sets of 8 x handstand push-ups

Workout Tue 04/23/2013

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013


Couch stretch, samson stretch, shoulder openers


Run 800 meters
Then two rounds of:
50 Burpees
40 Pull-ups (16 strict pull-ups, 64 kipping)
30 One-legged squats (used short box for pistols)
20 Kettlebell swings, 32kg
10 Handstand push-ups (touched head to rolled up yoga mat for each one)
Run 800 meters

Time: 20:11

Workout Mon 04/22/2013

Monday, April 22nd, 2013
couch stretch, samson stretch, 1 mile run, pvc roller, etc.
Blended Metcon:
a. Establish 2 rep max deadlift (10 mins)
* Set my 2-rep PR today: 275#

b. “The Matrix” using this key (no rest between rounds):
1 = 1 Sprint, to curb and back
2 = 2 Deadlifts (something less than max)
4 = 4 Pullups
6 = 6 KB Swings (I did 28 kg)
8 = 8 Burpees
If you experience deja-vu, it’s probably a glitch.
2 4 1
2 6 1
2 8 1
4 6 1
4 8 1
4 2 1
6 4 1
6 8 1
6 2 1
8 2 1
8 4 1
8 6 1

2013 Unite Rutgers Half Marathon

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

I didn’t prepare as I usually do for this event, because of shin splints that have been getting progressively worse this season. I hadn’t really done any runs longer than about 6 miles for 8 to 9 weeks. So, I was pleasantly surprised with my time of 1:31:48.

Since I knew I probably would not PR, I focused on my running form a lot during the race. I wore my CrossFit Nanos which have a much shorter heel, and tried to toe-strike during the whole race. I think I succeeded for the most part because after the race I had no hip soreness, and minimal knee tightness. However, my calves were screaming 🙂

Looking forward to the NYC marathon and the Trenton Half marathon this fall, when my shin splits have completely healed.

Workout 04/08/2013

Monday, April 8th, 2013


Squat therapy 3 minutes
10 each 2x
broad jumps
vertical jumps
alligator crawls, length of box

Box Squats
7×3: 45#, 65#, 75#, 95#, 115#, 125#, 145#
Note: I started with the short box in its shortest orientation, but added a plate at Larry’s recommendation to being the height up about 1.5 inches.

12 minute emom
5 Push Jerk (1st 7 sets: 115#, last 5 sets, 95#)
5 Stone deads (115# atlas stone)

On the push jerks, I wasn’t getting under the bar enough, and my knees were bending forward instead of creating more torque by pushing them outward.

I managed acceptably with the 115# atlas stone; in the last two sets the stone was slipping from my hands as I brought it up, but I completed the sets of 5 each time. But on two of my sets, my time exceeded the minute and I creeped into the next minute, which meant no rest and I had less than 60 seconds in the next round.

Workout 04/07/2013

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

Today the Sconzo family ran the Action Karate 5k in Tyler State Park. The weather was just about perfect. It was just a little windy which made it feel cooler than it actually was.

The race started at 9am and there were about 150 competitors. At the start, Matthew ran out in a full-out sprint ahead of me. He held third place for about 600 meters. Once my shin splint numbed up a bit though, I gained on him and tapped him lovingly on the shoulder as I passed him. I was hoping he would keep pace with me and beat me, but the hills were tough on him. Also, he has not been training hard this season, while I have been doing speed workouts.

The first mile was blazing fast, with much downhill. I clocked it in under 6 minutes (about 5:50), but then the inclines came 🙂 I could really feel those hills chewing up my pace, but I kept pushing.

Jeannie started toward the back, with a goal of finishing. This was a really tough course for her. In retrospect she said “If I had known about these hills, I would have sat this one out.” Kudos to her for completing the whole course, with a pretty respectable time considering the difficulty.

Unfortunately, Peter couldn’t run with us, though he was registered to. He needed to stay home and work on his awesome zebra art project. He spent so many hours through the weekend trying to fit in this project that demanded so much focus and dedication. I’m happy to say he finished the project and it looks awesome. Anyway, Matthew’s friend from Fisher Middle School joined us to take Peter’s spot. He finished just ahead of Matthew.

My time was about 20:10. Like I said, the hills were challenging. This put me in third place overall, and first in my age group. The two leaders were almost 2 minutes ahead of me. This is the kind of thing that happens in a new, small race. I wish I could run these all the time 🙂 Matthew finished in about 23 or 24 minutes. The results are not posted at Pretzel City Sports yet. I think Jeannie finished in about 35 minutes.

Matthew placed second in his age group and took home a nice medal, as did I.

Nice race, and the mascot for Action Karate, a shark, chased us at the start of the race. I’ve done other races hosted by Pretzel City Sports, and they do a good job managing them. And that was the case with this one. Very well organized.