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Workout Wed 6/23

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

5 mile run
Plyometrics (repeat each exercise once):
Jump squats – 30 secs
Run stance squats – 30 secs
Airborne heismans – 30 secs
Swing kicks – 60 secs
Squat reach jumps – 30 secs
Run stance squat switch pick ups – 30 secs
Double airborne heismans – 30 secs
Circle run – 60 secs
Jump knee tucks – 30 secs
Mary Katherine lunges – 30 secs
Leapfrog squats – 30 secs
Twist combos – 30 secs
Rock star hops – 30 secs
Gap jumps – 30 secs
Squat jacks – 30 secs
Military marches – 30 secs
Run squat 180 jump switches – 30 secs
Lateral leapfrog squats – 60 secs
Hot foot jumps – 60 secs
Pitch & catch – 60 secs
Jump shots – 60 secs
Football hero – 60 secs

Workout Tue 6/22

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Round 1 | Round 2 | Description
30 | 30 | standard push ups
1+9 | 1+13 | wide front pull-ups
15 | 10+11 | military push ups
5+7 | 3+11 | reverse grip pull-ups
25 | 18 | wide fly push ups
2+9 | 2+10 | closed grip overhand pull-ups
15 | 15 | decline push ups
22@20lb | 15@20lb | heavy pants
6+10 diamond push ups
20L@20lb | 25L@20lb |  lawnmowers
20R@20lb | 25R@20lb | lawnmowers
12 | 11 | dive bomber push ups
23@8lb | 33@8lb | back flys

Abdominal exercises – 25 reps each exercise in this order:

1) In and Outs (moving your legs in and out)
2) Bicycle
3) Reverse Bicycle
4) Crunchy Frog (In and outs with your hands out to sides)
5) Fifer Scissors (lying on back one leg hovering over the floor, one up and a 90 degree, switch scissor style)
6) Hip Rock and Raise (reverse crunch with legs in butterfly position)
7) Pulse-ups/Heels to Heaven-Reverse crunches with straight legs
8) V-up roll ups
9) Obliques Side Crunches
10) Leg climbs
11) Mason twist (Quick oblique twists, “punching floor” to each side with legs above the floor)

Welcome to WordPress 3

Monday, June 21st, 2010

My version of wordpress was quite antiquated. So old in fact, that there was no “automatic” upgrade path. So I snagged the latest wordpress zip available, and began applying the manual update. Sadly I discovered that the instance of MySql running on my hosted server was very, very old. I admit I haven’t done any maintenance since I added my custom banner several years ago. My first task was to upgrade to a newer version of MySql.

Hold on to your shorts – I was running MySql 4.0.30 – wow! So, I grabbed a box of MySql 5.x off the shelf, then attended to migrating my old wordpress database schema. This was fast and easy. I imported the schema, then applied the wordpress database updates. But there was one hitch… Smart quotes, smart apostrophes, em-dashes, and other special characters did not surface in my posts correctly. So, I re-imported the schema several times, trying different character set encoding directives (such as utf8 and cp-1250). I finally settled on Latin1 encoding, and my posts look “nice”. I probably should have converted the schema to utf8, but I’ll schedule that task for later.

Good bye wp2.1, hello wp3! Kudos to the wordpress developers! I am impressed so far.

Now maybe I will post more often since the interface to wp3 is much slicker than before. I also plan on finally looking into plugins for managing comments better.