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Workout 03/30/2013

Saturday, March 30th, 2013


Basics, Kanku Dai; practiced attacks on my own. Extra stretching.


Couch Stretch, Walking lunges

WOD – I did the WOD twice. My round 1 time was 12:17, round 2 was 12:07.
50 Kettle Bell Swings – 24kg
5 Rounds for time:
10 single-arm kettle bell swings (R) – 16 kg
10 sumo-high deadlift pulls – 24kg
10 single-arm kettle bell swings (L) – 16 kg
10 lateral jumps, over the larger kettle bell
50 Kettle Bell swings – 24kg

Practiced clean and press, worked up to 135#
Practiced kipping pull-ups
Attempted muscle-ups on the rings. lots of work to do here
Practiced toes to bar.

Workout 03/29/2013

Friday, March 29th, 2013



Rolling, couch stretch

WOD (prescribed was partner WOD but we had only 3 people)

8 Min AMRAP:
5 Ring Dips (the first few rounds, I did the ring dips, then used the box with stright legs)
5 KB Swings (24kg)
5 Push ups (these burned after a few rounds, since the dips burnt out my triceps)


1600 meter Med ball Run (I ran with the 30# ball the whole way)


5 RFT – Walking Lunges and Burpees
Walk out 10 steps with the 25# plate
5 burpees
Walk 10 more steps with the 25# plate
5 more burpees

So, 100 walking lunges and 50 burpees in total.

Awesome workout – must do this one again sometime.


Friday, March 29th, 2013


(Hit the 5am class today so I could get to NYC on time)


mini Cindy – 8 min AMRAP

3 pullups
6 pushups
9 air squats

Couch stretch


Spend 20 minutes finding your 1 rep max deadlift

Worked my way back up to 260.  I didn’t have a one-rep max, since I had only worked on my two-rep max prior, which was 255.

MetCon – 15 minutes

Three rounds of 4 exercises, 1min each exercise, no minute rest inbetween rounds

Frog Situps – about 30 each round
Box Jumps – about 15 each round I’m still a bit cautious here 🙂
OH Walking Lunges – 25 LB plate
Hollow rock

Workout 03/26/2013

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013



Japanese sandal straps are like seatbelts


total tim = 11:37 for:
50 toes to bar
40 24″ box jumps
30 burpees with side to side jumping over barbell
20 sumo deadlift high pull 85#
10 overhead barbell squats 85#

Great Workout!

Workout 03/24/2013

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

10 Mile Run at Mercer County Park with Gary (Francis joined in shortly after the tennis courts)

I focused on the POSE running method during this run. The pace was about 8:10 to 8:20. My shin splints (right leg) bothered me a lot the first two miles, then less the remainder of the run. After the run, my left knee was very tight again, and my right shin has been in pain all day. I’ve been icing the shin, and using the couch stretch to help my knee.

80 push-ups, 80 sit-ups, 80 second side-plank on each side.

Workout 03/23/2013

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013


1 hour of sparring training with Tim.
Followed up with Heian Godan, Heian SanDan, Jion, and Enpi kata.


400m row
3 rounds of 15 of each: push-ups, sit-ups, ring-rows
Calve smash on barbell
Couch stretch, walking lunges into samson stretch


5 rounds for time:

15 box jumps
15 renegades with 25# DB (plank position with legs spread, pull DBs to breastbone, alternate arms 30 times total)
15 Russian kettlebell  swings 24kg (all hips, no arm pull)
15 DB overhead press with 25# DB (lock out arms overhead, elbow creases to ears)


Atlas Stone to shoulder: 95# x 15, 115# x 15

Workout 03/22/2013

Friday, March 22nd, 2013


4 miles to CrossFit


400 meter run (I had already “warmed up” with the 4 mi run)
15 of each: box jump, push up, sit up, ring row
Ankle Mobility
Couch Stretch

Skill work—get your GOAT for 20 minutes

I worked on my hang clean technique here. Perhaps a mistake in retrospect, since the WOD involved 45 hang cleans 🙂 Eh, I’m stronger for it.


DT“. 5 rounds for time of:

155 pound Deadlift, 12 reps
155 pound Hang power clean, 9 reps
155 pound Push jerk, 6 reps

Currently, my hang power clean PR is 145, so I scaled this workout to 115. That made the deadlifts easy, but the HPCs were challenging for me. After the third set, I dropped the weight to 95 pounds.


4 mile run back home from CrossFit. Pace was almost a full minute slower per mile, because I was pretty run down from the WOD, and the week in general, I think.

79 push-ups, 79 sit-ups, 79 second side-plank on each side.

Workout 03/21/2013

Thursday, March 21st, 2013


Theme: the world is slanted, but not in your minds eye. Sign-in on crooked clipboard, or straight clipboard.
Kanku-Dai, Heian Godan, Tekki Shodan, 1-step sparring



Couch Stretch


XFit open workout was posted, but Alex suggested instead of doing 150 wall balls, we do 150 ball slams instead. I used the 30# ball, and broke the 150 into sets of 25 with 3-second rests inbetween.

2 pullups, 2 deep ring row presses  x  4 sets

We went a bit longer than 12 mins, in order to get a couple extra practice sets in on pull-ups, since neither Vito nor I can do muscle ups, or chest pull-ups.


Worked on pull-up technique. Practice hollow-holds with arms at your sides, not overhead… at least not until you can hold a hollow-hold for 3 minutes. Hollow hold: small of back should be on the floor, abs engaged, feet up off the floor, head should be neutral. Next, practice superman holds.

On the bar, practice transitioning from a dead hang to active shoulders. When in active shoulders, have a partner pull your legs down.

Now, repeat the hollow hold and superman transitions while on the bar. Your shoulders should be moving forward and backward, NOT your hips. And you should manage enough control that if you stop in one of those positions, you should not be swinging. I need to work on this, will do so for the next week and see if I have made improvements.


78 push-ups, 78 sit-ups, 78 second side-plank on each side. Hamstring and calve stretching, couch stretch.

Workout 03/20/2013

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Karate: After each basic, we did a heian kata three or four times. Free sparring, but one opponent could only use their hands, and the other could only use their feet.
1) Tim (hands), me (feet)
2) me (hands), Ron (feet)
3)  Tim (feet), Ron (hands), me (kata)
4) Tim (feet), me (hands)

Crossfit: (only three of us at the 7am class)

800 meter run
20 Each: Frog Situps, Walking Lunges into Samson stretch, PVC Push Press
(I did extra sit-ups, 77 total)

Push Jerk
7×2: 45, 75, 95, 115, 135, 155, 165 (failed attempt), 155

4 Rounds:
400 meter run
3 Rope Climbs
7 OHS, 95/65
9 T2B

I had to scale the rope climbs and do ring-rows instead. My arms were completely spent from earlier in the week, and from the push jerks. I did three rope climbs total, out of 12: 2 the first round, and 1 the last round. For each rope climb I didn’t complete, I did four ring-rows.

I also scaled the OHS weight to 85. In retrospect I think I could have done 95. No issues with the 400m run or with the toes to bar. Finished in 19+ mins. I wasted a lot of time trying to get up the rope in the first round, and in the last round. I need to work on rope-climbing technique.


77 push-ups
Extra stretching, couch stretch, straddle.


Cardio kickboxing
Two 77 second side planks.

OLY Lifting Class:
Worked on Hang Cleans:
75×3, 95×3, 115×3, 135×3, 145×1  (145 is a PR for me; actually 115, 135 and 145 were all PRs for me). However, my form still needs work. I should be lifting much more weight. I learned that my hips are not driving enough before I pull with my shoulders and arms. Training, training, training.

Workout 03/19/2013

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013


Worked on push-jerks with the 110LB barbell.
Routine: 6 push jerks, 25 sit-ups, 25 push-ups, for five rounds.
Two side planks, 76 seconds each.


10 Box Jumps
10 Walking Lunges, push into Samson Stretch at the bottom of each step
Couch Stretch
Ankle Mobility with band

Zercher Squat (worked with Andy, who did crossfit in Afghanistan and recently joined CFM)
7×3: 45, 75, 95, 115, 135, 145, 165


5 Min AMRAP – I think I completed 8
3 Heavy Hang Cleans (95#)
5 Pushups

5 min
Jump Rope, work on Double Unders

5 Min AMRAP – I think I completed 7
3 Heavy Deadlifts (185#)
5 Slam Ball (30#)