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Quick Tour of Ajax and Some Web 2.0

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Essential Tools:

Firefox Browser
FireBug Plugin
Tamper Data Plugin
Ethereal Network Protocol Analyzer
Web Developer Toolbar

Popular Sites that update without page refreshes:

Flickr store, search, sort, share photos collections of web favorites
Google Suggest Search
Google Maps

Sites Closer to Home:

Markets Data Center (MDC)

  • minip XML and XSL
  • quote updates
  • personalization

Gentle Intro to AJAX

Gentle Intro with toolkit

Another toolkit example

  • Prototype Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater

Sample RSS Feed Aggregator

Sample XML, Interactive Grid

Global Sked

  • Uses ajax to check for unique id collisions
  • retrieves updates without checking every second (using pub/sub oracle advanced queuing)

Meetings for Developers

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Just had to post a quick note about my schedule at work today.
3.5 hours of meetings == -3.5 hours of coding.